What is an Institutional Fund?

An institutional fund is a fund with assets invested by institutional investors. Institutional funds can include investments for a variety of institutional purposes including educational endowments, non-profit foundations, government and corporate investment funds, and government and corporate retirement plans. Investment managers offer institutional funds with varying market objectives. These funds are used to build comprehensive investment portfolios for institutional clients.

US Invest Consulting institutional funds

More than just multi-manager funds: Timely research, well-founded investment beliefs and dynamic fund management.

To create investment solutions for our clients, we draw on our unique capabilities that are hard to find under one roof: capital market insights, manager research, asset allocation, portfolio implementation and factor exposures. We use these capabilities in an open architecture approach to design, construct and manage portfolios with the express purpose of delivering the rate of return our clients require with a tolerable level of risk.

US Invest Consultant institutional funds